Accommodation during your visit to our beautiful city Saint Petersburg, Russia

      Dear Friends, we are happy to help you with accommodation during your visit to our beautiful city of Saint Petersburg! We will assist you in finding a nice and inexpensive flat/apartment for short and long-term periods (starting from $30 per day) in St. Petersburg, Russia. We offer flats both on our website and through a real estate database.

Advantages of Rental Apartments in Saint Petersburg include:

  Renting an apartment/flat is a great alternative for expensive hotels and hostels, because there is no need to pay for staff service fees. On top of that, you will be able to cook your favorite meals using the kitchen at you own discretion.

  Renting an apartment in Saint Petersburg will provide you with a personal experience, exposing you to the Russian culture and way of life, rather than a plane hotel room. Here you will be able to see and personally experience the ordinary lifestyle of the Russian citizen.

  Our apartments/flats are conveniently located next to metro/subway stations providing you with easy and quick access to local public transport. Making it easy and safe to travel throughout the city to historical attractions.

  Renting an apartment is far more affordable than staying in a hotel. Prices compare drastically: A double suite in a downtown hotel will cost you 4,000 Rubles per night (70 Euros) per guest. Yet, a two-bedroom apartment with a living room and kitchen for 4-5 guests (or a family) will cost you the same price as a hotel. (Depending on the season).

  Renting apartments is a perfect choice for students, part-time workers, or businesspersons, for you are able to rent an apartment/flat for long-term periods. Prices will vary depending on the duration of your stay in Saint Petersburg. Weekly and monthly stays will run at a lower price rate in comparison to daily rentals.

   We may offer you flats both on our website and through other resources.

  For further information, you may contact Ekaterina for any questions about renting an apartment at::   “Saint- Petersburg Apartments”

   Contact Ekaterina, e-mail: dnkat@mail.ru

    phone: +7 905-225-9698 + viber, +whatsapp,

    and ask her for all particular details about the apartment you would  wish to rent.


     1 .Short team apartment for 1-5 person - 30 -40 dollar /day str. OLMINSKOGO 14